{Raleigh NC Photographer} 10 Tips for Dressing for Your Fall Family Portraits

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Maybe it's the crazy humid heat wave we're in, but this week I've been thinking a lot about fall and Christmas.  I contacted my buddy Santa Claus to see if he would help me with some Christmas mini-sessions just for kids this November.  I've also been dreaming of the fall temperatures and beautiful fall leaves.  I've had a few families book fall sessions, so maybe that's another reason I've got fall on my mind.  In thinking of fall, I'm already brainstorming fall pictures for my own family.  I try to switch around with what time of year I have our portraits done.  It's nice to mix it up.  Last year, we did family portraits at the beach in August.  They were so beautiful, but since the boys have changed so much I'm going to have them done again.  

In no particular order, here are my tips for dressing for your fall family portrait session.


1.  Check the weather.  

We all know how unpredictable Raleigh weather is.  October and November can bring a huge variation of temperatures.  Some years, I've done fall mini-sessions in short sleeves.  Others, I've had to work around a layer of snow on the ground.  Of course, you don't want to wait until a few days before your session to start planning and shopping.  I always, always recommend dressing in layers because of this.  Layers are important because if it gets hot or cold, you can adjust what you are wearing to stay comfortable.

 I especially recommend this for children, who react a little more to getting too cold or too hot.  Some suggestions for boys:  a thin button down collared shirt and a sweater or cute jacket to go on top.  For girls, tights, skirts, and layers with sweaters or vests look really cute.  I also love it when families bring a cute hat for their baby.  It's so easy to find a nice warm, but adorable hat to put on a baby if it gets chilly.  

How to dress comfortably for a fall family portrait session in Raleigh, NC.How to dress comfortably for a fall family portrait session in Raleigh, NC.How to dress comfortably for a fall family portrait session in Raleigh, NC.

This family was dressed beautifully for fall family portraits.  The little boy is sporting a warm flannel shirt and a cozy red vest on top.  Mom and Dad are looking stylish too.  I loved how they didn't try to match each other.  Outfit choices like this always look great.  

2.  Consider colors that pop.  

Like I mentioned above, don't try too hard to make everyone match.  Not only will your family look unnatural if every single one of you is dressed in navy, but your portraits will lack interest and dimension.  Instead, pick maybe one color that everyone has a little bit of, or let everyone pick colors that are all different, yet look good together.  

Raleigh NC family photographer colors that are good for family picturesRaleigh NC family photographer colors that are good for family picturesRaleigh NC family photographer colors that are good for family pictures

3.  Pinterest is Your Friend

Pinterest is such a great tool for gathering inspiration for your next family portrait session.  Need a place to get started?  Check out the board I have on my Pinterest page with lots of great ideas for outfit choices.  You can search for outfits that have bold colors, outfits that are mostly neutral, outfits that are comfortable or ones that are a tad more dressy.  

4.  Treat Your Feet

Unless you are planning a shoot with a special stylized look, skip the high heels.  You'll be doing a bit of walking and to be honest, high heels look out of place in a park setting.  A better choice is boots.  Tall riding boots are comfortable and can also keep you warm if it's chilly.  Ankle boots look adorable and are a perfect pick for fall.  A pair of simple flats can also look adorable.  For kids, opt out of having them wear their school sneakers.  The neon colors on Johnny's favorite pair of running shoes just aren't something you want to look at on a giant canvas.  Loafers, boots, or a cute pair of Converse sneakers is a better choice.  For little girls, it can be too chilly for anything open toed, so choose a comfortable flat boot, flats, or more casual choice.  Men look great are easy- look for dress shoes or loafers.  If you want to try something different, rain boots or duck boots can be a really cute choice for anyone.  


Fall family portraits can be a great opportunity to treat you and your family to new outfits that you feel beautiful in.  Don't hesitate to shop around and pick out new outfits that you will make you smile every time you look past the photos hanging on your walls.  Fall is just around the corner (hopefully...ha ha).  The peak time for fall portraits is from the last week in October through Veterans Day.  During these weeks, the leaves are changing and look magnificent.  Weekend afternoons book up the fastest, but I still have many open.  Spaces are limited, since the fall leaves only look nice for so long.  If you are thinking of booking a fall session for your family, it's not a good time of year to wait til the last minute.  I recommend that families book in August and September to get the date they want.  In another blog post coming up, I'll delve into my favorite locations in the Raleigh area for fall family portraits.  If you are interested in securing a photography session this fall, please email me at [email protected] I'd love to help you start planning your dream session!




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