{Raleigh NC Family Photographer} Nominate a Mother to Win a Free Mini-Session!

April 12, 2017  •  5 Comments


Raleigh newborn and family photographer offers spring mini-sessions with a Mother's Day mini-session giveaway 2017Raleigh newborn and family photographer offers spring mini-sessions with a Mother's Day mini-session giveaway 2017Raleigh newborn and family photographer offers spring mini-sessions with a Mother's Day mini-session giveaway 2017

Spring mini-sessions are right around the corner, on May 6th.  If you haven't booked yours yet, click here and read all about it.    I am so excited to be able to offer these at Raulston Arboretum.  It is such a beautiful garden in the spring and I know that there will be all kinds of flowers in bloom for us to enjoy.  If you want a unique way to celebrate Mother's Day this year, these mini-sessions make a wonderful early gift.  All of us moms deserve celebration for the hard work that we do day after day, and this year, I'd like to take an opportunity to encourage a special mother and help her feel loved.  I need your help.

If you know a mama in your life who deserves a special gift this year, you can nominate her by leaving a comment below.  Maybe you know a single mom just trying to make it through the day or a foster mom saving the world.    Maybe you know an adoptive mom or a mom whose husband is deployed.  Maybe you know a mom who would never be able to afford a photography session for her family.  Or maybe you know a mom who overcame a difficult obstacle recently and could use some encouragement.  Whatever the reason, I want to know who you think deserves this special gift.  

Contest Rules:

-To enter, comment on this blog post with your nomination and tell me in a sentence or two (or more) why you think your nomination deserves this prize.  You don't need to give your nomination's name in the comment.  I can get it from you later if she wins (in case you are concerned for her privacy).  Feel free to nominate more than one mother.  Please make sure that a correct email address is entered when you submit your comment so that I can contact you if your nomination wins.  

-All nominations must be received by Sunday April 23rd.  

-The winner will be announced and notified in the week after and must be available on Saturday May 6th in the evening for their mini-session.  If they are not able to participate, another winner will be chosen.  

-The winning mother will receive a free 20 minute photography session held at Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh on Saturday May 6, 2017, along with 10 digital images and a print release.  But that's not all!  The person who nominated her will receive a $50 print credit for a future photography session!

-The winning mom must sign a session agreement and follow all policies of Erica Courtine Photography.  

I can't wait to hear all about the amazing mamas out there.  Good luck to everyone!


Kelly Baddick(non-registered)
My little sister just gave birth to TWINS, a boy and a girl she also has 2 older children that are 15 and 12 . She does it all ! Breastfeeding them and gets up with at night them never wanting to bother her husband lol. She doesn't miss her older sons baseballs games and will also drive her daughter to horse lessons . I would love for her to have a special picture of her and the twins . She works harder than anyone I know and loves her family more than words can explain !
Melissa Diallo(non-registered)
My dear friend and neighbor more than deserves this! Last year she went to the hospital for back surgery and due to complications didn't get to come home for 6 months! It was so difficult for her and her family. Her two children are so strong and brave, and are so happy to have their mom back home. She is working hard now to fully recover and get out of a wheelchair. They have very few family pictures and none, that I know of, that are professionally done. She is such a kind, giving person and even at her worst puts others before herself. This opportunity would be amazing for her and her family!
My "nominee" is a mother to 4 of her own children. Also, she's currently stepped up to the plate to be a mother to her granddaughter, a child who was the product of drug-addicted parents. The child is 5 years old. She is blind and autistic. The grandmother works 40+ hours a week and spends every other moment focused on the child. She has to take off work often for doctor appointmts and school evaluations. She's doing everything within her power to be a great mother to her granddaughter.
Kyla Harol(non-registered)
My friend Kristin is a single mom to a son with autism. She's had a ton of challenges recently, but she's an amazing advocate for her son and other children.
Ashley DeBruin(non-registered)
Mindi is not only an amazing mother to her own kids but she is a passionate teacher for my kindergartener as well. My daughter will be a better person for having Mindi in her life!
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