{Raleigh NC Newborn Photographer} Pros and Cons of a Studio and In-home Newborn Sessions

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I just finished up writing a blog post about my new studio space.  Want to see pictures?  Click here!  I've been using it for a few months now, and after doing only in-home newborn portrait sessions for the last 4 years, I've made some interesting observations about the advantages and disadvantages of both.  Not sure which setting you would like for your baby's newborn portrait session?  Let me help you decide what might be best for your family.

Studio vs. home newborn photography session in Raleigh nc.Studio vs. home newborn photography session in Raleigh nc.Studio vs. home newborn photography session in Raleigh nc.


Advantages of a Studio Session

1.  More variety.  At the studio, we have access to every prop and piece of equipment I own.  I can easily do portraits of baby alone on a blanket on the bean bag, baby in a bowl or basket, and baby being held by her parents.  With a home session, I have to leave a lot of it behind.  I can only bring my bean bag and blankets.  It's not feasible to bring my wood floors and bowls. 

2.  A quicker and more efficient session.  I can set everything up before you get here, so we can get started right away.  When I come to your home, it takes me at least 15 minutes to set everything up and pack it all back up at the end.  You don't need to worry about cleaning your house, moving furniture, or finding room for the equipment.  You don't have to worry about heating up your home and making everyone sweat for the sake of a happy baby.

3.  A less stressful session.  This one really surprised me.  I hesitated on creating a studio because I always felt that having a session in a client's home would be less stressful for them.  But strangely, I've noticed that parents seem much more relaxed in the studio.  Maybe it's a relief to get out of the house.  Maybe it's because they don't have to worry about cleaning or how their house looks.  Maybe it's being away from the distraction of everything that needs to get done at home.  I'm not sure, but it's clear that parents seem less stressed out when they come to the studio.

4.  A less expensive cost.  In-home sessions cost $100 more than a studio session, to cover the time it takes to pack up, drive, unpack, etc.  Coming to the studio is a much more budget-friendly option.


Advantages of an In-home Session

1.  No need to leave the house.  With an in-home session, you get to stay put.  You can be in your pajamas and eating a bowl of cereal while I photograph your baby (I do need one adult to stay with me to lend a helping hand).  I've had moms go off to shower, nap, pump, or just relax during the photography session. 

2.  It's easier on older siblings.  If you have other children, I often recommend an in-home session, especially if the big brother/ sister is a toddler.  The studio is small (and boring) for a little kid to hang out in for 3 hours.  At home, they can participate in a few family shots and then be on their way to eat, nap, and watch Paw Patrol.  Families with multiple children are welcome to come to the studio, but it's asked that a parent or relative take the sibling home after the family portion is finished.  I've had older siblings, like 7, 8, and 9 year olds come to the studio for the whole time and they've done great. 

3.  A better option for a rough recovery.  If you have a c section or are having a difficult recovery, an in-home session can be the better option.  My studio is on the second floor of my home.  I've had several mamas come to the studio who had c sections, but if you're not recovering well or want to take it easy, it might be best to stay home. 

4.  More candid family portraits.  Depending on your style, you may like that the family and sibling portion of the newborn session are more candid and "photojournalistic" in style.  I don't bring backdrops or props for family and sibling shots.  Instead, we may have you all cuddle together on a couch, bed, or out in your yard on a nice day.  A baby's nursery is always a great option to get those family portraits. 


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