Rhys's 2nd Birthday {Raleigh Newborn and Child Photographer}

January 10, 2013  •  2 Comments

I am so excited to have a new website and blog to showcase some of my newborn, child, and family portraits.  I've been working hard to serve the Raleigh area with beautiful portraits.  This has been a goal of mine for a long time and I'm so happy to see it realized.  Thank you for choosing me as your photographer.  I'd like to thank everyone for your support and feedback on my pictures.  I've really enjoyed meeting so many wonderful families and having the opportunity to take portraits for them. 

For my very first blog post on my new blog, I would like to share my son Rhys's 2nd birthday portraits.  If you don't already know, I have two little boys, Jameson and Rhys.  Rhys's birthday was right after Christmas, and even though the weather is sometimes cold and not very pretty, I knew I still wanted to take some fun outdoor portraits of him.  One afternoon, driving up 401 to Raleigh, my husband and I passed a John Deere dealership.  An idea popped into my head- wouldn't that be an awesome place to take portraits of a little boy?  I emailed a saleswoman at the store and asked for her permission.  Not only did she let us take the pictures, but she was so sweet and blew up a bunch of green and yellow John Deere balloons, just for Rhys's portraits. 

Rhys is just about one of the most difficult toddlers to photograph.  He sure has a mind of his own and never stays in one spot for more than a few seconds.  I'm sure some of you moms can relate to this.  He doesn't like to be told where to stand, where to go, when to smile.  With Rhys, I had to play with him, play "peek-a-boo" behind tractor tires, sing the "Elmo Song," and pretty much look like a crazy woman running around the tractors.  A lot of his pictures end up being of his serious face, but once in a while, if you're lucky, you can catch that lovable, sweet little grin that melts my heart every day.

If you are interested in custom photography for your family, please visit my website:  www.ericacourtinephotography.com  .  I serve Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, and surrounding areas.  I offer photography services for newborn portraits (including outdoor newborn photography), child portraits, and family portraits.  I can also be emailed at [email protected]


















Oh my goodness! As a freelance photographer and a John Deere employee, these are beautiful! My son turns 3 in 5 weeks and I fully intend to pay homage to your idea here...my little guy loves tractors!
Quality Equipment of Fuquay-Varina(non-registered)
Hi Erica,
As soon as I met your son for the birthday photoshoot at our store, I knew the photos of your little man, in his little over-alls, would be spectacular! These images remind me of the little boy in everyone of our customers, and how a childhood spent on a farm, or in the yard, can make a grown man or woman smile into old age.
I am delighted I was able to help you and you are welcome to visit us at the store anytime, maybe for his third birthday supplies and toys! Congratulations on your new blog and keep in touch.
Maria Zone, Marketing Manager, Quality Equipment, LLC
Feel free to post my comment and please note my personal email below. I am also a freelance writer and would love to work with you anyway I can. :)
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