From the moment you hear her very first cry, you are changed.  This little person that you’ve carried with you for nine months is finally here.  As the days come to pass, soon enough you will learn every mother’s very first lesson… that time doesn’t hold still and that, though you may grasp at every fleeting moment with your new baby, each day passes by quicker than the last.  

Someday all too soon, the sleepless nights will be gone, replaced by wonderful memories of midnight feedings and cuddles.  For even the most difficult days become the fondest of memories for a mother.  

Hold tight to this tiny new baby.  He fits perfectly in your arms.  These early days feel like they will last forever, but they will not.  They will become new adventures and as a mother you will enjoy every new step in the journey.  

Come, let us capture these first moments of parenthood and revel in the beauty of life’s greatest gift.  

Let’s get started…


Starting Summer 2018, Erica Courtine Photography will be relocating to and serving the Brevard, NC area.  Now booking summer and fall newborn and family portrait sessions.