Digital Photography Basics for Moms

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photography workshop for moms raleigh nc family photographerphotography workshop for moms raleigh nc family photographerphotography workshop for moms raleigh nc family photographer

Our children grow up so quickly.  If you're like me, you want to capture every moment of their lives.  Whether it's falling asleep on the couch with a sibling, playing their very first soccer game, or just catching them in all their cuteness, we want to freeze time and record the moments that melt our heart.  If you purchased a D-SLR camera with the hope that it would help you take better pictures of your children but you're overwhelmed with all the buttons, features, and functions, this workshop is for you.  

In this small group workshop, you and a handful of other moms will join together with our cameras to learn the basics of digital photography.  Maybe you've always used the auto mode and would like to branch out.  Maybe you are frustrated by your photos turning our blurring.  Or maybe you'd just like some hands-on practice.  During this workshop, we'll tackle these topics and others in a friendly, safe, and fun environment in terms that you can understand:

-What do all these buttons do?  Learn about a few of the helpful modes and settings on  your camera

-Shopping for equipment- What to look for in cameras, lenses, and other gear so that you can take good photos of your kids and have fun.

-Troubleshooting- Why, oh why, are all my photos blurry?

-The basics of exposure- Learning just enough for you to improve your pictures without your head spinning from the technical terms

-Photographing children- tips on posing, angles, and getting them to cooperate

-Hands-on practice- an ample portion of the workshop at the end will be used to practice taking photos in natural light. 


This workshop is for beginners.  It is highly recommended that you own a D-SLR camera first (even if you bring it still in its box!).  Bring your camera and some empty cards so that you can practice.  This workshop will focus on using natural light.  We will not discuss using flashes or other external lighting.  The maximum number of participants allowed will be 5 so that we can all ask plenty of questions and get enough hands-on practice.  

Details of this workshop:

Date:  Saturday October 10, 2015 9:30 AM-12:30 PM

Location:  Holly Springs Cultural Arts Center.  Room number TBA.

Price:  $50 per person

Tickets Available:  5 participants, in order to keep a small group environment


If you'd like to attend the workshop and reserve your spot, you may purchase your ticket through Paypal here.  Still have questions?  I'm glad to answer them.  My email address is


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